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STEAM (Sisters Together Enjoying Amazing Moments) is a safe, non-judgmental, setting for a small group of women to come together to be encouraged and to have some long-overdue fun.   It is an opportunity to create new beginnings, reflect on what is ahead, and spend quality time making new friends.  Whether you are single, married or in-between relationships, plan a gathering for your friends or join us at one of our events.  We begin each session with a meet and greet and healthy comfort food, followed by a brief prayer and an inspiring predetermined discussion which will require you to do a bit of homework.   We will end with fun activities that will make you feel like a girl again. 

Our Story

STEAM was created by sister team, Vernell and Brenda whose creativity was realized when they were in elementary school.  Pearl  (grandma) taught them how to crochet and afterschool programs lit a spark and ignited creativity in both. 


Today, Brenda and Vernell fill their free time creating a world were others can have fun.   Don't miss out!  It is an opportunity for you to blow off STEAM in an enlightening atmosphere!


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Vernell and Brenda -


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